JFD’s Statement of the Day – 1-11-2015

JFD’s Statement of the Day:  January 11, 2015 A.D.

Let’s get the definition of “lone wolf” straight, okay?

When a military commander tells an army to attack, it’s war… no matter whether he says “Front line, Fire, then Second Line, Fire, then Front Line again,” etc. etc… or if he just says “Fire at will!”

On the other hand, when a nut thinks of attacking on his own, that’s a lone wolf.

But when 100,000 imams all tell their congregations, all over the world, to attack on their own… which is essentially what jihadist islam is all about…

That’s just a general saying “Fire at will.”

That’s NOT a lone wolf. That’s war too.

John F. Di Leo, 1-11-2015



JFD’s Statement of the Day: January 5, 2015 A.D.

John Boehner could solve the whole issue, most easily, by voluntarily stepping down as Speaker.  He could say “Eight years as head of our caucus is enough for anyone; thanks for the honor, folks,” and step down with his dignity intact.

But he will instead use his power to crush his opposition and retain the office that has more-than-smudged his formerly honorable reputation.

The saddest discovery about John Boehner is that he’d rather hang onto a political office that nobody wants him in, than to go out gracefully and let somebody else have a chance at it.

John F. Di Leo, January 5, 2015 A.D.



JFD’s Statement of the Day:  January 4, 2015 A.D.

Three Democrats will unite to elect a communist, even if that communist has promised to kill two of the three of them immediately after his election.

Three Republicans will start out intending to cooperate to defeat that communist, but will bicker over their own differences so much that they’ll refuse to cooperate by the general election, so that one supports the Republican, one supports a third party spoiler, and the third stays home in a huff.

And then all three wonder how the heck the communists have gained control of the country.

John F. Di Leo, January 4, 2015 A.D.

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